Go For Green

Go For Green #Erasmusdays

Welcome to the GoForGreen Tournament Page

This is an online Go tournament only for Yenimahalle Science and Art Center’s “Clean and green is our perfect dream” project supporter’s school students.

We will play our games at Kiseido Go Server/Türk Odası (KGS). If you do not know how to enter “Türk Odası” please inform us.

You can download the server from: www.gokgs.com

You can also connect to KGS with PC, phone or tablet by using web page (https://shin.gokgs.com). But this platform is a bit hard to handle.


Since this is an online tournament all communication with players and referees will be carried out on Whatsapp Group. Please be aware that you have to enter the related group in order to keep yourself well-informed about pairings and finding the opponents 🙂

All players should find their opponents’ KGS nickname and start the game.

During the tournament, Black players always create the game and White players join.

We hope that you can enjoy the tournament and wish you good luck :))

Tournament Schedule 10/16/2020
Registration 17.30-17.55
Pairings Announcement 17.55-18.00
Round 1 18.00-18.30
Round 2 18.30-19.00
Round 3 19.00-19.30
Round 4 19.30-20.00
Round 5 20.00-20.30
Round 6 20.30-21.00
Closing 21.00-21.30

Please note that there may be delays with the given tournament schedule due to unexpected circumstances and also the number of rounds may change according to number of participants.

Tournament Information
  • Referee and Pairing Supervisor: Uğur ARIKAN (KGS nick: AGOD1),
  • Referee: Ömer Saim Süzer, Tara Ekin Ünver, Ruken Erpolat,
  • Tournament system: Swiss
  • Game Rules: Egf General Tournament Rules without handicap 
  • Time: 15 Minutes Sudden Death
  • Komi: 6,5


  • If one player will be late on their game by 10 minute or more, it will be counted as a loss for him or her. If there is a connection problem for one player, s/he must connect back around 5 minute otherwise it will be counted as loss as well.
  • All players must be ready for the related round on time at KGS/Türk Odası.
  • All players have to promise that they will not take any help from anyplace or anyone.